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Consumer driven Project Manager

This is a great opportunity to be part of the business transformation where we will take the ownership consumer experience to the next level. ​​
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SJR IT is looking for a Project Manager to an international company with headquarters at Kungsholmen. 

We are looking for an ownership project manager with experience in consumer journey and communication related projects, strategic mindset and strong consumer focus to join their Ownership marketing team in Stockholm for a period of 7months (mid May 2019 – Dec 2019). This is a great opportunity to be part of the business transformation where we will take the ownership consumer experience to the next level. 


The company are on a transformation journey fully shifting towards a consumer centric approach, forming the way we engage, interact and create life-time value to our consumers – it’s an environment in constant change where we evangelize new ways of thinking and we act as change makers.  

As an Ownership Project Manager you will be driving key strategic projects where the aim is to build the foundation for a strategic blue print for the ownership experience.  This role, involves being part of pioneering a new way of working where we gather, cross functionally, around missions and together as a group work on realizing the objectives of the mission. Piloting and iterating with the purpose of figuring out the most efficient way of working to drive the post purchase experience. It’s all about supporting the business transformation into a B2C and experience driven company.

You will be responsible for leading and driving the below key projects (subject to change).   

Digital first ownership communication – from analog to digital first communication 

This project involves a close cooperation with product line, documentation and services team, key touchpoint owners and the marketing activation team. It’s about making a leap in the way we produce and display core ownership product communication from analog (printed user manual) to digital first communication.   

Getting consumers online – engage the consumer to go online in the onboarding and ongoing use phase of the consumer journey

This project involves exploring how we can make consumers go online (and register) and co-create (with key stakeholders) a strategy for how to capture these opportunities and how to follow up on the performance. It’s also about understanding and mapping the value we can provide to different type of consumers in different parts of the consumer journey. The latter should dictate what we offer.     

Consumer journey communication/interaction mapping

This project is yet to be defined. On a high level it involves mapping all the consumer journey interactions (communication) in the ownership phase. The purpose is to create an understanding of the current consumer experience and to set the strategy for how to make the omni-channel experience more consistent and on brand. 

Cont. Process improvements and aggregation of consumer insights

In addition to the above projects you will also take a major role in helping us to develop new and update existing processes with the purpose of making sure that ownership marketing has a well-defined role and responsibilities in business critical processes.  Aggregation of insights will be a continuous task as we are striving to take data driven decisions. 

Who you are

• Team player. In this role cross-functional collaboration is everything, so you should be comfortable in dealing with people with different backgrounds and responsibility

International. You enjoy to work in a truly global environment and you like to deliver in cross-functional teams                  

Good listener and communicator. You have great communication skills and you have the ability to convince, influence and bring stakeholders, peers, and colleagues together towards the same goal

• Proactive. You are keen for new experience, responsibility and accountability. You are self-driven, results-oriented with a positive outlook 

• Creative. You like to explore new ways of thinking and you have a problem solving mindset  

• Projects juggler. Large and small, simple and complex, you are capable to lead multiple international projects with a variety of stakeholders in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment

• Consumer-everything. You are very consumer-centric and you have a passion to create outstanding consumer experiences

Analytical. You use data to inform your decision making and strategic thinking, with a keen eye on details  

Minimum requirements

• University Degree in Business Administration, Marketing or equivalent

• At least 5+ years of project management preferably within communication.

• Excellent English in spoken and written; knowledge of any additional European language is a plus

I'm interested!

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